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There’s always a lot of talk as to that’s the greatest free antivirus software product. But one product name constantly appears to be talked in these discussions – AVG Antivirus. Here we’ll have a closer look at whether it is worthy of the finest merchandise name, and how it can help protect your PC. Business AVG antivirus is marketed by Czech firm AVG Technologies (previously known as Grisoft). They’ve an excellent standing in the security software field and have a history going back to the early 90’s. The name AVG comes in the product’s first name, which was Anti Virus Guard. But it’s now understood only as SmithMicro Stuffit Deluxe 15 AVG. Variations There are 2 variants of the applications available. The first is AVG Antivirus free variant, which is available for home users to install on individual computers.

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It’s available for free. The second is the’Professional’ version that is aimed at commercial users or users that need technical help. There’s a small cost for a permit for this particular variant Characteristics The AVG applications give you the choice of removing them and will scan your computer. It will likewise provide protection against viruses that are attached to e-mails (one of the most common routes of entry). You can even utilize it to assess imported files for example a data disk which has been given to you from a coworker. The software comes complete with a database of virus definitions. This can be upgraded on a regular basis at no cost. п»ї

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The updates happen in the background, as long as your computer is connected to the Internet. The product has low system requirements, so it WOn’t slow down your machine. This can be a regular gripe about some antivirus products. Upgrade If you upgrade from the free to the’Pro’ version you will get quite a few options that are extra. There are access to technical support in addition to antirootkit and antispyware modules. Verdict Considering this is software that is free, it offers a great level of protection. For several years, many computer users have said that this can be the best free antivirus software. And I wouldn’t contend with them.

8 November 2017